Aside from our core programs, listed below, Nuestra Casa offers seasonal programs based on Health and Wellness issues facing our communities.  Educating our participants on these various topics and making them aware of resources available to them is critical for their well-being.

English Classes (ESL)

English as a Second Language Class

At Nuestra Casa, participants in the ESL classes can expect to expand their knowledge of the English language.  Three levels of English are offered throughout the year. Participants have the option of enrolling in either day or evening classes. Registration is open year-round depending on availability and classroom size.

Life Skills Courses

Nuestra Casa understands that Immigrant integration into our communities involves more than just learning the English language. As students of Nuestra Casa, they will have the opportunity to partake in other learning opportunities to help them transition into their new community. Life skill courses are offered as requested.

Citizenship Classes

The U.S. Naturalization process is daunting for most and especially for non English speaking residents. Here at Nuestra Casa, we encourage qualifying legal permanent residents to pursue their citizenship dreams and help them through the process. We pride ourselves in offering an inclusive space for participants to learn the civics, reading and writing needed to pass the interview portion of the naturalization process. Our instructor led Citizenship Class is offered quarterly for ten weeks and is always evolving.

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