English Language Learners

We understand that limited English proficiency is the most significant barrier adult immigrants in our community face. Obtaining basic understanding in the English language is the key for many to obtain a good job, provide educational support for their children, participate in civic life as well as pursuing their goals for a higher education. The curriculum being taught at Nuestra Casa includes life skills and cultural tips in addition to reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our classes are taught by dedicated trained volunteers and teachers.  We conduct pre-testing to place students in appropriate level classes, as well as a post-test to measure educational growth and proficiency. Nuestra Casa teachers also strive to provide authentic opportunities to communicate in real world situations in order to build fluency and confidence.

We believe that when an adult decides to reach out to us for ESL classes it is important to register them and welcome them to our program if classes are being offered. We have open registrations for our ESL program, so students can register year round.

Nuestra Casa has been offering English as a Second Language classes since early in our serving immigrants because we found their learning needs were not being met. This is our longest standing program with the most participation of students.  A big part of  our class success is due to the amazing teachers that lead our classrooms. Our ESL program would not be the same without their hard work and dedication.

Location / Days

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 9:30 – 11:30 am
Tuesday, Thursday – 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Sunnyside classes held at:
Nuestra Casa
301 S. 7th Street
Sunnyside WA 98944

Free early-learning child care for the children of our participants in Sunnyside.

For the most up-to-date information about our class schedules please visit our Facebook page or contact us.

Class Levels


Next Session
Students can register and attend ESL Classes during the school year.

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How to Register
Interested individuals may contact Nuestra Casa at 509-839-7602 to register or visit us at 301 s 7th Street, Sunnyside, WA 98944

Hear from our ESL Students

“Thanks to these classes I am now confident speaking English. It’s important for me to speak better English in order to become more independent.”

– Monica Cowan – Level 3 ESL student (originally from Guadalajara, Mexico)

“The most important reason why I want to learn English is because I need to communicate with teachers, doctors, and friends here in my new country that is my new home.”

– Marlene Gonzalez-Paez – Level 3 ESL student (originally from Tijuana, Mexico)

“The ESL classes are helping me communicate better with the people in this community. These classes will also help me next year because I want to become a citizen.”

– Rosalia Lujan – Level 3 ESL student (originally from Puebla, Mexico)

“My son needs my help in caring for his children because he is a single father. The Nuestra Casa ESL classes have helped me be able to communicate with my grandchildren, help them with homework, and take them to the doctors when my son can’t.”

– Norma Vizguerra – Level 3 ESL student (originally from Guanajuato, Mexico)